Aug 31

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How do Age Spots on Face Develop

It is a well known and even proven fact that the age spots on face develop because of immense exposure to sun. Let’s understand what happens in the skin which results in the development of the age spots.

The process of growth of age spots on face can be in some way compared to the scar formation on our body. Just like scars, the age spots are bundled up when they start and may also soften with the passage of time.

Age spots are nothing but the consequence of years spent in the sun. There is a pigment present in the upper layer of our skin, called melanin, which is responsible for imparting a particular color to our skin. This pigment is produced to protect our skin from the harmful part of sun rays. When we stay in sun for longer periods, the UV rays emitted by sun accelerate the production of melanin. Because of the over production caused by sun rays, the bundling of melanin happens which appear on the face or body as the dark spots. Thus we can say that the age spots on face are the result of hyper pigmentation.

Sometimes, other things also become the reason of development of age spots on face. It could be old age which causes brown or black spots on the body. Also, at times some rare disease may also lead to increased production of melanin, without even getting much exposure to the sun.

Though development of age spots can happen on anybody, however, there are more chances of age spots on face if you are fair complexion or you have frequent and extended exposure to sun.

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